Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Litter anger

Braintree Chronicle: Anti-litter campaign launched

If you ever wondered what happened to Alan B'stard, this isn't him

Spotter's Badge: Barry


Stubby Trey said...

Railway litter warden, CMAC20130424A-944_C, is going to have trouble with his butt.
"Council officials estimate commuters leave more than 2,500 cigarette ends at Braintree and Witham stations a year, with an average of 250 incidents a week."
Council officials need numeracy lessons.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair they don't say what kind of average it was.

If it was a median average, then 50 weeks of no cigarette ends, 1 week with 250 cigarette ends and 1 week with 2,251 cigarette ends would fulfil the statement of the 'council officials'.