Friday, May 24, 2013

Closed swimming pool anger

Reading Post: Concern over long closure of local swimming baths

Perhaps the first time a story has been submitted to these page directly from the comments section

Quality bewilderment from the huge-shouldered man with the massive cloth doughnut round his neck.

Spotter's Badge: Arthur Mo


Radox the Green said...

He's real!
Take a look at

Stilted Banter said...

I loathed the Arthur Hill Baths. Used to be taken there from my primary school for swimming on Tuesday afternoons. Greasy clammy floors, shivering cold, chlorine stink, whistles blowing, mental torment. I can still smell the place. Shut it for EVER, bomb it FLAT.

UnGreen! UnGreen! said...

It looks like Pinhead has to take two steps before that jacket even creases.