Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Removed safety barrier anger

Banbury Guardian: Mum's fears for safety as road barrier is removed

In other - dreadful - news: DUNGAREES ARE BACK

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Macheath said...

It must be true - even the Guardian says so...


Richard said...

But...but...the caption to the photo puts her with the missing crash barrier. So it's not missing. Something going on here.

Gonzoland said...

Dems not Dungarees.
Dems Denim Bib & Brace.

Richard: The "something going on" is a local newspaper trying to make a serious issue out of a missing section of wood. Behind the barrier in the photo there's a pavement with a curb that would overturn a car. Don't lose any sleep of it.

DavefromTacoma said...

Dems not Dungarees.
Dems not Denim Bib & Brace.
Dems Bib Overalls. Originally worn by American railroad-men and farmers. (Then discovered by dirty hippies in the early 70's.)

Gonzoland said...

Dems is Denim.
Dems is Bib & Brace.
Dems in the shops and online as Denim Bib & Brace.
I think you'll find that American railroad men and farmers discovered dirty hippies in the '70s.