Thursday, May 02, 2013

Unemptied bins anger

Reading Post: Bins left unemptied because council lorries can't reach them

Wait... and nobody's thought of taking the bins to where the lorries CAN go?


Bat E said...

Where I live there are loads of terraced houses where the owners have to keep their bins in their back yards.

Bin wagons have never been able to fit down the back streets so, in the old days, the bin men used to carry the bins to their wagon.

When wheelie bins came along, residents were expected to wheel their own bins to the end of the back street on collection day and then wheel them back again.

As you can imagine, there was uproar, but the council stuck to their guns and it's now just part of every day life.

It's probably one of the rare times they get to see their neighbours these days.

Anonymous said...

'Klopper' = unfortunate name...

3333 said...

C'mon Alistair, where is the proof reading?
It is WHERE not WEAR.