Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Zealanders getting angry about dogs

New Zealand Herald: Something about dogs, but I've got no idea

Seriously, this story is so long it finishes somewhere down in the Earth's core, but features two sets of aggrieved people

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Robin of Locksley said...

Barking on more than one level

wiggiatlarge said...

If she moves I know just the place for her, really the whole roads like that LOL

Graham - in reading said...

I love aus and nz papers. The story has it all, snobbery from the woman who thinks she's better than he 'working class' neighbours, rude(ish) words where she says 'it all blew to shit' and 'f***ing nuts', casual racism from her when talking about the 'Asians' viewing the house, forged signatures. Brilliant stuff.