Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Daniel O'Donnell ruined my life anger

Plymouth Herald: Eighteen-year-old Daniel O'Donnell 'superfan' totally crushed because the Irish easy-listening superstar isn't bringing his tour to Plymouth

Kid, you're eighteen, and while I respect your life choice, it's DANIEL O'DONNELL. It's not too late, there's more to life than light country classics and dreamboats-and-petticoats crooning.

Look at his face. If only somebody could bake him a cake with a nice jumper inside.

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TRT said...

I put it to you that it IMPOSSIBLE for Daniel O'Donnell to ruin your life, because to be in that position one couldn't HAVE a life.

david said...

Even Daniel O'Donnell doesn't take himself that seriously.

Anonymous said...

My father has refused to shop at HMV ever since he found Daniel o'Donnell filed under Jazz in one of their branches, 17 years ago.