Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spider bite lost dignity anger

Oxford Mail: Man bitten on groin by spider

"Hello, is that the Oxford Mail? Yeah... I've been bitten on the groin by a spider... Yes, on the groin... When you've stopped laughing, can you send a photographer?"

If you dare to look closer, you will be relieved to find that those aren't his Y-Fronts

Spotter's Badge: Rob H


Steve said...

I wanna know where he got that jumper. Mine are so boring.

R Ach-Nid said...

Jumpers with hoods and woolly strings are part of the Oxfam Spring Collection.
Blokey says that he had it lanced. Jousting isn't what it used to be.

TRT said...

Not Y-fronts. A f***ing nappy.