Sunday, May 31, 2015

Affordable housing anger

Canberra Times: Residents don't want social housing in their neighbourhood, thanks very much

Let's look for the key paragraph, eh readers?

"Public housing smack in the middle of our communal space is not in keeping with that intent. I am sorry but you don't put your dirty laundry in your front window and that is what public housing in our mini-town centre does," he said.


Spotter's Badge: Markus


Alfalfamale said...

I'd dirty her laundry.

Jen said...

"I am sorry but..." = "I'm not sorry and..."

We've seen through your "politeness."

Vogon Jeltz said...

Don't those two realise that they're getting in the way of bureaucracy? Residents in the centre of Canberra are being moved out to make way for unaffordable housing and they have to go somewhere don't they?