Monday, May 25, 2015

Blocked gutter anger

Queensland News and Mail: Ray's fed up with the condition of his guttering. And who isn't these days?

New word learned today: Whipper snip. That's whipper snip.


Alen Gutter / Luke Starrs said...

Whipper Snipper - A strimmer.
Example: 'Do a whipper snip on the burrs, spray caustic but keep some back for those coot dills on the council.'

Ma Sue Peel said...

Ray says that it's not his guttering. It's the gutter on the side of the road and he's gonna whipper snip your ass.

Anonymous said...

Poppy show - that's a new one for me.

Sounds like a nice thing - who doesn't like poppys? (Australia, apparently)