Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rail ticket error anger

Ayr Advertiser: Passenger lights up with fury after ticket clerk error empties his bank account

Mother of God, that's the power of 1,000 suns - like a ragey beacon, as one of our spotters observes.

Spotter's Badge: Mike, Stuart, Jamie, Chris

(Edit: Link now fixed as the Ayr Advertiser one seemed unreliable)


Alfalfamale said...

That link does not appear to work Alistair. Perhaps the power of his wrath has incinerated all of Ayr, taking the Advertiser with it.

I think he's overdoing it though. The last time I bought a train ticket it emptied my bank account too.

Graham in Reading said...

I've found a link that seem to work at the moment. Looks to be exactly the same story, including the picture.