Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mouldy wedding cake anger

Gazette Live: Bride's wedding day RUINED by mouldy cake

Also, it's ENORMOUS

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Alfalfamale said...

Click through for a gallery of 21 photos of this outrage.

TRT said...

Is it a 21 bun salute?

Spongiform said...

They should have gone to Eastern Europe for CAKE. Ask Sir David Amess MP.

beep said...

Bloody hell, she's clearly Beelzeebub, and you all think the cake is the story?

Cheri 3.141592653589793 said...

A creepy photo collection. The venue makes the average cargo ship hold look upmarket and all of the pics seem like stills from a David Lynch film. Brrrh - Cold as ice.

Anonymous said...

I think the comments people have left on the Gazette website under the article are a fantastic example to be framed and placed in a museum. It is fascinating.

The commenters are questioning why the bride bought a cake from Facebook, how much it actually costs to make a cake, the use of spellchecker, whether it is ok to freeze a cake, then turning on each other.

This is my favourite "Meh! You can just don't be rude innit? If you know "it's a comments page and that's what people do" then you'd have known to just keep scrolling and not waste time defending what you don't understand, who you don't know and who hasn't once come back to defend you. Lesson learnt."