Friday, May 29, 2015

Fly in my pasty anger

Ashbourne News Telegraph: Mum finds dead fly in her Asda peppered steak pasty

Not wanting to come across as a middle-class food snob (but I'm going to anyway), but who buys a pack of five alleged meat pasties for £1.95? Yeah, I went the extra mile and looked it up

And a fine example of a photograph of no pasties.

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Bat E said...

They could at least have put a dead fly on the plate. Poor effort.

Anonymous said...

Always the chavistocracy!

Ian said...

OK, where is Kyle? These photos should follow the standard format of grim faced mum with the almost killed kid in front with a sad face. For some reason or other, Dad is never available for the photo

bin_wheelie said...

It was a meat pie, a fly is meat. What is the problem?