Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nails found in bread anger

Kent Online: Woman finds nails in loaf of bread

And the telling line: She has been asked to send the slice back to the head office so they can establish where it was manufactured, but she is worried the bread will be lost in the post.

Bread's always getting lost in the post, a direct consequence of the Royal Mail employing ducks in their sorting offices. This is why you shouldn't send bread through the post.

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Cora said...

Should be ok, so long as she doesn't send it in a Jiffy bag.

Looking 4 Dough said...

If she mails it, it'll be toast.

Anonymous said...

Nails probably got in the slice when it fell out of the caravan window! Great pic and story though!

TRT said...

Didn't she know bread contains added iron?