Thursday, March 19, 2015

No actual ham anger

Gloucestershire Echo: Area man outraged that Bernard Matthews Cheese Hamwich contains no actual pig ham

This is the sort of thing that to the Dark Side leads.

Also, he appears to have a framed photo of a fire blanket.

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Alfalfamale said...

A yarn about a ham sandwich with no actual ham in a newspaper with no actual news. That irony with no actual iron.

Gonzoland said...

That picture is a print of Andy Warhol's 'Fire Blanket' painted before his later works when he really got the hang of Pop Art.

david said...

I like the notion of him and his two friends sitting down earnestly discussing why a sandwich, with packaging that clearly describes it as containing turkey, contains turkey, and doesn't have ham in it. And why does he need to wear his hat inddors? Is it because he's a very messy eater?