Sunday, March 15, 2015

Excess skin anger

Essex Chronicle: Formerly obese woman can't have surgery to remove saggy skin

1. Bloody well done, that's an impressive feat of dieting

2. But not the most dignified of poses, don't you think?

(One of those stories I wasn't sure to feature or not, but too bizarre not to)

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Alfalfamale said...

"I want to be able to wear more revealing clothes" she says.

A niche market for that, I should think.

Drivelcast said...

Good to see she's got the full support of Danny Baker there.

TRT said...

Look on the bright side. anything up to 50% burns and you're laughing in the graft shop. Well, maybe not laughing. That would probably hurt too much.

Ming said...

She has to get her BMI down to 25 to have surgery, but if she was to have surgery that would probably happen. Oh the NHS has such a cruel sense of humour.