Saturday, October 08, 2011

Low emission anger

Sheffield Star: Disabled drivers angry as supermarket introduces spaces for low emission drivers

To truly 'reward' Prius drivers, these spaces should be about a mile away

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Anonymous said...

Now they know how the able bodied feel when we see 30 empty disabled spaces outside Tesco when its pissing down!

Next they'll have low emission spaces for disabled people inside the store.

isolator42 said...

nah, they'll just increase the already insanely high number of disabled spaces, so that the average able bodied shopper without a spare 20 grand to blow on a hatchback with a trendy engine has to park about a mile away from their fkn store.

...not that this bothers me at all :)

TRT said...

Do they have spaces reserved for people with dead bodies in the boot?