Thursday, October 06, 2011

Dog prosecution not-sure-if-angry

Yoekshire Evening Post: Woman is first to be prosecuted through new dog control orders

"Something about puppies"

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TRT said...

I'd keep her on a leash and make her howl.

isolator42 said...

...just building up a profile here:
She's 45, with a 7 year old granddaughter, & she's been on the sick for 6 months.
Also, she's dumb enough not to realise that taking an Alsatian ('puppy'? yeh, right, that thing is the size of a small horse) into a kids playground is a bad idea, whatever signs/laws there are.

Draw your own conclusions...

Also: Would.
Pikey-GILF-tastic :)

Anonymous said...

Iso, you can't shag the dog... that would be outrageous.