Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fat pigeon anger

South Wales Evening Post: Lop-sided taxi driver's plea to stop feeding the pigeons

He'll be laughing out of the other side of his face when starving pigeons start feeding on their natural diet: Taxi drivers

Spotter's Badge: Julia



Who has been over feeding the taxi drivers? I'm sure their wives have had enough of cleaning 'poop' stained Y-fronts. That diet of Scotch eggs, Doritos, Peperami and Yorkie bars creates very difficult stains to remove.
And why did they omit the quote "now, Lorraine Kelly, she could poop on my car ANY day. That's one bird I wouldn't mind feeding some cheesy pork based snacks to".

TRT said...

'Ere, you'll never guess who I had in the back of mi' cab yesterday... Gillian McKeith.

Matt Hurst said...

Ah a story from Swansea, have to agree with the council.