Monday, October 17, 2011

Even more phone mast anger

Dorset Echo: Residents' fury at perfect phone reception as mast 'plonked' at the end of their road

From the comments: Second from left. Buzz Lightyear. That is all


TRT said...

There's one or two ladies there that I'd give a good reception to.

TRT said...

Also, "Have you seen my Woody?"


I've seen lots of Poles erected lately, am I complaining?
I only recognise Buzz when he's sporting his helmet, but he'll always have a friend 'in' me.

Mattieu Hurste said...

Buzz Lightyear or a Sontaran from Dr Who

The council need on to hit him on the back of the neck.

Anonymous said...

I could only manage a 'half-mast' for these ladies