Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wrong kind of yellow anger

Welwyn and Hatfield Times: Three attempts to get the right shade of yellow for yellow lines

You would have expected a local council to have a plentiful supply.

And he's a busy man, is Councillor Cowan

Welwyn and Hatfield Times: Road sign still not fixed after three months

You don't want to go to Hatfield, anyway.

Spotter's Badge: Joshua, Renee


Theodore Wirth said...

It surely cannot be worse than Trump as US president.

Theodore Wirth said...

Trump--the wrong shade of orange.

Anonymous said...

Masking tape the sign to the post, and point it towards the council offices!

Serviced Apartments London Lady said...

I feel his pain, you have to get that colour just right! He clearly has an eye for detail.