Friday, August 26, 2011

Parking charge anger, special edition

Stroud News and Journal: Town united in anger over parking charges

Our Spotter (pictured, left) spills the bean on angry press photography:

"The snapper took loads of decent photos, then right at the end ...... "Oooh, just one more, can you all fold your arms and look angry". Really. I knew it was going to happen and even predicted it on a few forums I post on. I win!!!!!!!!!"

Spotter's Badge First Class and Oak Leaves: Jon


IllegalCombatAnt said...

Thanks Alistair, I feel really, really honoured. This has really made my day for more reasons than you can know.
I just hope no one in town sees this, especially my co-stars. I'm disliked enough as an 'incomer' as it is.


Majid Ali said...

Please read my humble appeal on my profile