Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exploding phone anger

Coventry Telegraph: Couple 'lucky to be alive' as phone explodes while charging

Yeah, that's actually a feature.

Spotter's Badge: Rob


TRT said...

If I'm not mistaken, that looks like an induction hob. What's the bet someone left it on?

Woken up by a tremendous bang. Phnarr.

Esqui said...

I see your problem are charging your phone ON A COOKER

isolator42 said...

Agree with the other 2 comments.
Odds are pretty short on this chancer having cooked his phone & trying to blame Nokia.
If the 1680 was completely lethal, it is possible that one or two others would've detonated by now.

I can just hear how this went, immediately afterwards:
Girl: "you total 'tard, you've left a ring on & cooked your mobile"
Bloke: "'t"
Girl: "If that's so, you'd better go to the papers about it"
Bloke: "what? er, okay"
Girl: "ooh, I love it when you're so masterful. You can do me up the wrongun"

...sorry, got a bit carried away at the end there.