Friday, August 26, 2011

Narcoleptic anger

Manchester Evening News: Woman with medical condition sues university after dropping out of course

"I'd fluff her pillows"

Spotter's Badge: TRT


Ranter said...

I'd put one over her face - time wasting lunatic!

TRT said...

You snooze, you lose. So they say.

lola spankcheek said...

I'd say she looks more like the village simpleton than angry. Plus isn't being photographed holding a pillow makeing light of the situation? Fat git

isolator42 said...

Her problem - described as "narcoleptic in nature"
aka, snoozy, wastrel.

They've already offered the lardy mare £2500 to shut her up, but that's not good enough, apparently.

She needs to wake up to herself.
(here all week)