Thursday, May 12, 2016

Loud church anger

Stoke Sentinel: Locals win battle to stop church group from holding all-night services

It seems that our reacto-lite clad lady here has a) previous and b) only one set of clothes

Stoke Sentinel: Locals fight council plan for parking permits over grass verge dispute

Come to think of it, Green-cardy-blue-top man in the background only has one set of clothes too. Times must be hard in Stoke on Trent.

Spotter's Badge: Chris


david said...

"Let's go out and do a month's worth of protests in one go, then go down the pub before it starts raining".

Vic Jameson said...

Why is that sign giving me the finger?
I'm incensed enough to don a high-viz tabard and cross my arms.

Anonymous said...

The son is getting frisky in the comments.

TRT said...

I fear the paper may have paid some models to create an stock library of angry people.

Lynne Dixon said...

It's also the same church in both stories.

Alfalfamale said...

I see 'Old Lady' from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is throwing her weight around again.