Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wrong seeds anger

Bucks Free Press: Man concerned that his Poundland venus fly trap seeds might grow into something dangerous

Something more dangerous than a venus fly trap, you mean? Make up your mind - do you want danger or not?

Spotter's Badge: Morag


Alfalfamale said...

"It could be dangerous or hazardous or even kill a child. We just don’t know"

Plants like this rarely attack unless provoked. Generally they will be more afraid you than you are of them, however they are very protective of their young so never get between a mother her seedlings. Also, its a sensible precaution to carry secateurs whenever you enter the conservatory alone.

Anonymous said...

Is this chap an utter HOON ?

Audrey said...

Your wish is my command. Hang on... you're not Rick Moranis.