Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lo-fi wi-fi anger

Maidenhead Advertiser: Apple-wielding residents of Furze Platt want better internet

I used to deliver the Advertiser when I was a paperboy back in the day. I'm convinced that Furze Platt is a completely made-up place name serving as a newsroom in-joke

Spotter's Badge: Gary


Anonymous said...

Does the man at the back have a very small laptop, or is it because he is further away?

iBin said...

Kinghorn* needs to be aware that wifi routers in houses are not powerful enough for street use.

* Not sexy slang

Anonymous said...

I'd fiddle with her wireless network.

Isn't that the kind of thing we should be saying?

External Hardware said...

Don't rub your hub too hard, Anonymous.

bin_wheelie said...

I'd router (root her - gerrit, Ozzy-flavoured joke)

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