Sunday, February 22, 2015

Squirrels driving us nuts anger

Cambridge News: Why oh why won't the council do anything about the squirrels in our loft and while you're up there, the insulation as well

Ah, the uselessification of Britain.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a social housing association contact centre. On a daily basis colleagues and I deal with such enquiries. They are directed to the local authority pest control team or advised to find a local person via Yellow pages or a similar directory, maybe even ask friends or neighbours - bottom line is they don't want to shell out! Bats are always a good laugh, they will not accept that there is sweet FA you can do about bats - legally that is, if these little bastards are in your belfry ... "so what if my ceiling collapses because of all the shit they've done and it collapses on my kids'?

SERIOUSLY? Yup! You cannot make it up with some people.