Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shattered oven anger

Get Reading: Couple question why housing association won't replace broken oven

All well and good until the commentards and armchair generals attempt to (wrongly) call them out as feckless spongers and bad parents, and the family wades in to defend themselves. It's a bloodbath, and a joy to read.

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Robin of Locksley said...

As soon I saw the names Latasha and Trey-Junior, I just knew the commentards would have a pop.

Graham, in Reading said...

I almost sent this one as well in but it was tooooo easy.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, the names . . . . chavistocracy and then they go and compound my awful stereotyping by commenting! Love these people, always wheedle and whine about their 'kidz; and seem to be unaware that their children AND their bloody dags are their responsibility whether their oven has sharp bits, the garden fence is down or they live next door to a vampire.

Anonymous said...

This is pure gold. The commentards in the article even have a go at the guys beard!