Thursday, November 20, 2014

'I'm not racist but...' Anger

Portsmouth News: Man says he's not racist but it's wrong to take pork off the school menu to pander to *them*

My advice to anyone who is upset by the issues raised in this story and think children should be served dead pig at lunchtimes: Serve pork at home. As much pork as you like. Have an all-pork home diet for all I care. Eat nothing but pork. PORK.

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Robin of Locksley said...

" I’m not racist – I have a Muslim son-in-law and a black son-in-law."

Er, actually, I think that means that one of your daughters isn't racist - not quite the same thing.

I'm with you on the pork, though.

proglodyte said...

What's this got to do with racism? It's about offending religious belief. Perhaps it should be fish only on Fridays as well.