Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Blocked toilet anger

Gloucester Citizen: Toilet blocked for a month

Also, we couldn't leave the house, because these are the only clothes we've got

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Anonymous said...

Ah God love 'em, as a Housing Association employee the blocked WC is one of the most common calls to repairs, never 'their' fault, 'they' can't even be arsed to plunge/unblock themselves, 'they' ALWAYS have someone disabled or a child with ASHburgers or ADHD as if that should give them priority, 'They' will often be in arrears and still won't get charged the market rate for something that was THEIR fault.

Nice skid mark in the WC pan too! She's probably too fat to clean it!

Graham from Reading said...

Love the comment implying the loke has been involved in ahit and run incident.

Robin of Locksley said...

When you add it all up you wonder why they would risk exposing their stupidity in the newspaper. Then you realise the answer's in the question. They are stupid.

All good APILN stuff.

Rob James said...

"Hello Dave. There was a block in you toilet, but it's o.k., I've fixed it now."

wiggiatlarge said...

Photographer to couple,"I'm just going to take your picture for the paper"
Couple, we will just pop upstairs and change into something more suitable, on second thoughts nah.