Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Posh village bell-end anger

Kent Online: Workman discovers that residents of posh Kent village are the most enormous bell-ends

That's Chestfield in Kent. Bell-ends.


TRT said...

I particularly like the way the photographer used Google StreetView to get an image of Brixton rather than going there himself - almost as if he/she was afraid of getting stabbed!

Also, this reminds me of a true story.

Round about 1998, we had a bad power cut and apparantly the electricity board only fixed one side of the ring that fed our little block of five houses, so when the other side burnt out in 2002, it meant they had two breaks to fix, and this proved to be a bit of a conundrum for them. They couldn't find the other break, and dug up half the road looking for it, gradually getting closer and closer to our house. The power was off for 36 hours, all told.
The electricity board had been at it all day when one of the neighbours gets home. The workmen had parked a digger in front of the gap between the houses where three of the houses can drive their cars in to park round the back. He gets out of his car and starts having a go at the driver of the digger.
"What the f*** do you think your doing?"
"But we....."
"No buts mate, you're blocking my drive, where's your supervisor?"
"He's had to go somewhere, but..."
"Look, you shift that bloody digger now before I shove it up your arse. I've got to go out tonight and I'm running late, so I'm in no mood for this."
"Ok, Ok", says the workman, "have it your way." And he reverses the digger.
My neighbour drives in, parks up and goes in his back door; I had gone out into the back garden to enjoy my cup of tea (ah, the benefits of a gas stove!) A while later I see a candle up in their bathroom, and I hear the neighbour having a shower, presumably using the last of the hot water as there was a sudden yelp followed by a burst of swearing about 5 minutes in, presumably as that reserve ran out.
Around 8:30 pm my neighbour comes out of his back door again, gets in his car and starts to drive up the back passageway; only to be met by a two foot wide, four foot deep trench right across the drive. By now the workmen have packed up the digger and gone off somewhere else leaving the trench barricaded off and completely impassable, (presumably they'd gone to fetch the soldering machine as they returned with that around eleven).
More swearing followed, along with furious and speedy reversing, door slamming and shouting. A taxi pulled up 15 minutes later and an irrate neighbour left for his date, I guess he was very, very late.

isolator42 said...

Good story.

However p1ssed off you are about something, it's rarely any help to vent at someone trying to do his job. He's just going to (quite rightly) find some way to extract revenge.