Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Get Off My Land anger

Folkestone Herald: Farmer attacked by owner after he shoots dog

And, in the name of balance, here's the other side of the story

Spotter's Badge: Rob


isolator42 said...

Hmm, difficult one, this.
Both have valid points, however neither has any proof.

One thing I do know; the dog isn't the winner here... :)

Anonymous said...

Given what's happend - the farmer and snapper have come up with a quite inflamatory pose for the picture!

Bobo said...

"Colin Tearle, 65, claimed he was protecting his livelihood when he killed the Alaskan malamute dog with two bullets in his head."

Well, if the dog already had two bullets in his head, surely it was only a matter of time anyway?

JuliaM said...

Solution: shoot the owner first!

Turing word: nantits Ewww, really?

MARK FLOYD said...

"other side of the story" post says the guy doesn't own the land,only rents it, and doesn't own any sheep! Also they say he was hiding from the dog owners and then tried to drive away with the dogs body for some reason!
I am really not happy about some weirdo who clearly likes shooting things a little TO much and I would lay money gets a full on "chubby" wile doing it having a shotgun licence!