Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School places anger

Sheffield Star: Anger as number of primary school places is slashed

Starting them young in Sheffield

Spotter's Badge: Maggi


TRT said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Interesting. Doffing my Daily Mail reader's cap, I wonder:

a) Is only one of the three women capable of rustling up a husband for the photo?

b) Are the two other two women single mothers or do their husbands actually have jobs and couldn't make it? In which case, does the man in the picture have a job? If not, why the hell is he busily posing for photos instead of getting on his bike?

c) Is this a case of trigamy?

Either way, I blame the welfare state and/or flat screen TVs and iPods.

isolator42 said...

I've got something educational for that brunette in the middle.

Seconding TRT's motion on the MILF-y goodness... :)

steve said...

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