Friday, March 02, 2012

Concrete block anger

Sunderland Echo: Family lucky to be alive after concrete block plunges to the floor

I'm sure Giant Baby will have smashed it with his bare hands

Spotter's Badge: Heather


isolator42 said...

nice to see they dressed up for the photographer's visit.

Blonde board said...

I can't be the only person who saw this and thought "Matt Lucas"

RobinOf Locksley said...

No, you're not |-)

Drivelcast said...

Am I seeing things, or is that baby's nappy sporting a rather prominent brown stain? I mean, I don't exactly jump at the chance of changing my own daughter's nappy unless it's starting to weigh more than her, but really, you'd think 'Photo in Local Paper' would be one of those occasions where you'd think to yourself "You know what? Let's go mad and put a fresh one on"