Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wheelie bin anger

Bournemouth Echo: Council 'refused to empty my bin because lid was open by one inch'

1. Open lid
2. Stand on chair
3. Jump inside bin and jump up and down on rubbish
4. Get out
5. Close lid

No further questions, m'lud


TRT said...

More to this than meets the eye, I reckon.

Also, yeah, I probably would after a few pints.

Matt Hurst said...

This happened to me a few times when I lived in Bournemouth, however I didn't get angry I just realised not to do it in future.

Gene Uflexion said...

Yes, let's all cower down to the pettifogging rulers.


An inch makes ALL the difference to me.

isolator42 said...

yeh, that was REALLY worth going to the papers about, eh?

I have a question: if there's no-one to make lewd comment about in the story, can I make lewd comments about Luce's wonderfully provocative input (oo-er) :)