Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smelly poo anger

Royston Crow: Dog mess causes a stink outside school

What's not to love about the Royston Crow?

- Top photography
- No idea where Royston actually is


Buy Research Paper said...

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Roy Stoneman said...

Best local paper in the world named after a bird, FACT.

FYI, Roy-town is in Hertfordshire, about half way between Stevenage and Cambridge. Hope you're gonna add us to your list of favourite newspapers :)

Jim Smith said...

What do they expect? The school was built next to a tannery. It was designed to smell bad.

Scaryduck said...

Roy - How can I not?

Anonymous said...

Has any child in the UK in the last 50 years been made blind through contact with dog poo?

Daniel Wilson said...

I took this photo! Thank you for the lovely things you said about the Royston Crow. I was so proud to have had it feature on APILN! It was the highlight of my career!!