Monday, February 22, 2010

Grabbed by the ghoulies anger

Reading Evening Post: Couple demand new council house after ghosts force them to flee - FLEE - in terror

New category: Repeat Offenders for angry people who make a habit of running to the papers to be shot in a variety of angry poses

Chemist gives angry mum wrong drugs

Kind-hearted readers replace angry mum's stolen buggy

Callous thieves stole our freedom, says angry mum

Mum takes wrong drugs after chemist's mix-up


Nowtas said...

Poor Tammy. She is always suffering, be it from buggy thefts, the "Who's the daddy?" appearence on Jeremy Kyle (thankfully, it wasn't the best friend who wanted no more to do with her terrible misfortune), pharmacy mix ups - and now crisp stealing ghosts.

To the uninitated, type Makepeace in the search engine at - the terrible luck affects many local people with the same surname.

Anonymous said...

wow, this family is amazing. there is a great photo here:
i shouldn't laugh...