Friday, October 30, 2009

Think of the children

Warrington Guardian: Parents in panic over school places

Who's the angriest in this shot? My money's on the mum in the pink top. I give her eight angry points out of ten.


Westengland said...

As with commenting on the previous "Parents & Children" items...count to ten, slowly... remember that it could be you in the photograph...try to restrain your true thoughts about them...think of similar people round where you live...maybe giving you a bollocking for criticising them...and,,fuck it, are the average citizens of this country so thick they don't realise how they will be presented in their local media - and what the local "community" (sic) will say about them (anonymously) in the comment boards the local rags so helpfully provide?

Bertie said...

@ Westengland Have you given us permission to say what we like about these (nutters) people. No.... must hold back..... you all probably think I'm quite a decent person so far.

WrathofDawn said...

A ‘cavalry approach’? WTF? They used horses?