Friday, October 30, 2009

And now, some kittens

Mindful of the fact that too many angry people on a single webpage may make the internet actually explode, we feel it our duty to expand the remit of these pages to include soothing pictures of Kittens-In-The-News every now and then.

No need to thank us. Just doing our duty.

Bournemouth Echo: Basket of cute, fluffy kittens LEFT TO DIE, don't actually die.

For angry purists, the one at the back looks a bit miffed.


Westengland said...

I wondered when a "Baby animals LEFT TO DIE" story was going to appear.

Notice pic of GPH (Gorgeous Pouting Hackette); maybe it was she holding the shaky camcorder during the video news of this item - "long lunch" that day, Mel???

Bertie said...

Hmmmm seeing the kittens doesn't actually make up for all the angry people as far as I'm concerned. Do you people not know yet that cats are EVIL!!!!!!!!!

John said...

The one at the back looks deeply pissed off anyway!

Anonymous said...

This is from the Southern Daily Echo in Southampton, not the Bournemouth Echo.

We want our work recognised!! ;o)