Saturday, June 11, 2016

No to the Golden Arches anger

Inner West Courier: Campaigners hand out leaflets urging locals not to use new McDonald's restaurant

They'll succumb to the lure of the quarter-pounder with cheese and a McFlurry within a month, mark my words.

Spotter's Badge: David


johnr said...

I hope they didn't pay too much to the design consultancy for that logo.

Alfalfamale said...

Good to see Andy Warhol still has complete mastery of the pop-art genre.

Auld Git said...

Is the woman with the shades protesting because her boobs don't measure up to the better endowed lady in the pink top?

Robin of Locksley said...

Not sure about woman third from left - she might be thinking she's putting on a 'hands-on-hips-we-mean-business' stance, but it's slipped a bit towards 'Hello, big boy' to my mind. Of course, that might just be a personal interpretation |-)