Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue badge parking anger

Brighton Argus: Driver keeps getting parking tickets in supermarket car park

Look, he's dreadfully upset, let's make him happy again.


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DtP said...

He should leave his car at home the tubby tool.

The Ranty Highwayman said...

(i) While I understand he wishes to pick up his daughter who has "learning difficulties" from her late shift - he can park for 3 hours on the double yellow line just outside on Crowhurst Road using his blue badge (yes I am sad enough to have researched this)

(ii) This ASDA appears to be 24 hours a day, so presumably, the accessible bays in the store are to help their customers with blue badges park, rather than create a waiting bay for relatives to pick up family members who may be working there, as worthy as the need to pick them up is.

(iii) Why didn't the journalist ask these basic questions!

Gonzoland said...

Dear Ranty,
Serious stuff a ScaryDuck House!
Pickles lookalike needs to register his Vehic at the customer service desk.
If journos on local rags simply published facts along with answers to basic questions, they'd be out of a job.
Our neighbourhood drivel sheet could have reported in one line
'NYC couple fined $2500 for printing “Being British definitely works in your favour.” on a USA job advert.' but it took the reporter 2111 words of flannel about "wanting staff with knowledge of British culture" before he keyed the reason for the Court ruling.

Gonzoland said...

Whoops! 510 words.
Had an IDS moment.

Stilted Banter said...

Stop making comments about the stories themselves! This site is about stories about angry people in local newspapers, it is not itself a site about the angry people or whatever it is that makes them angry. The story about the angry person is the right place for comments about the story about the angry person, not the site about the story about the angry person. If this goes on this site might as well stop being a site about stories about angry people in local newspapers and become a site about angry people in local newspapers.