Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweary letter anger

Worcester News: World's smallest violin on order for postman offended by swear word on envelope


Spotter's Badge: Sally


Drivelcast said...

Awesome. This reminds me of a book I bought from an 'Anarchist Bookfair' years ago. Most of the stuff on offer was badly-produced manifesto pamphlets and dry photocopied essays, but this one book stood out; It was called 'The Junkmail Backlash' and was simply two friends who took a stand against junkmail by signing each other up for various catalogues and things, but with increasingly filthy names and addresses, and publishing the results. So it was basically page after page of Hoseasons brochures and Stairlift flyers addressed to Mr Christfister, Mrs Gimpshaft etc, all living in houses with quaint names like 'Fiveways' and 'Dunfelching'. Great childish fun.

RobinOfLocksley said...

Most excellent - that's gone straight on to my booksearch list.

That postman is a tw*t.

TRT said...

I'd offer to carry his sacks* for him.

*not sexy slang.