Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lost money anger

Perthshire Advertiser: Sad kid loses his birthday money

Makes me do the sadface, but the cynic in me is fully expecting a "Kind-hearted Advertiser readers..." follow-up

Spotter's Badge: Scott, Kevin


1st Spotter Badge Kev said...

Glad to see she thinks the Council have the time and inclination to doctor their CCTV footage!!

Anonymous said...

Why would any responsible mother let her kid carry around £40 in a wallet??

It was always going to be lost, let's face it.

Fail by her, and fail by the paper for carrying such a stupid story.

Locksley said...

I should be sympathetic, sorry. It doesn't help that the kid's a bit ginger-looking.

isolator42 said...

A: just replace his damn money.

B: Wouldn't