Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stolen machinery anger

Dorset Echo: Shopkeep's fury as thieves steal machine from shop forecourt

And, the next day, the inevitable follow-up:

Dorset Echo: Shopkeep's embarrassment after 'stolen' item was, in fact, sold by another staff member


TRT said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

James said...

'FUND RAISING SHOP'. Yes, that looks reputable. Does this man also stand in the High Street at weekends, rattling a tin marked 'CHARITY COLLECTION'?

steve stanley said...

this company have already been to 5 different addresses in dorset in the last year are they running from something?

Ian Lambert said...

Yes it was a bit on the embarrassing side. I didn't know it at the time but the manager (fired shortly after because of financial discepancy's) had sold it and not recorded the income. It was embarassing for both myself and the person that bought it.

To James
Yes it is a reputable concern. We noticed some people had a problem working out what a fundraising shop was all about so when we moved we re named it "The Cheapest 'Charity' Shop In Dorset" which we have tried very hard to be.

If you check the updated web site you will see it is now a Registered C.I.C with a Registration number. It is a Not For Profit Business for the benefit of the community.

No we don't rattle tins and have never to my knowledge used the word Charity without the inverted comma's and this is because the inverted comma's mean 'Like' so it is like a Charity Shop. The sign above the shop is being updated within the week to include these details.

Today I resigned from the company. The recent events have tainted my reputation and that of the project and I feel it's not been very fair on the staff and volunteers.

I hope I have been of assistance. Regards... Ian