Monday, May 09, 2011

Haunted vacuum cleaner

Kent Online: Ghostly face appears in man's Dyson

"Jesus is the most common person to feature in objects like socks, toast, a field, a biscuit, a tea towel, a Kit-Kat, a frying pan and in a jar of Marmite."

Yeah, thanks for that.

Spotter's Badge: Jo


TRT said...

De fadder, de son and de 'holy suck up.

Also, obligatory sexist comment...

What? A bloke doing the hoovering?!

TRT said...

Also... I think he's been on his own far too long. Fantasising about a female in a vacuum cleaner... yeah, right, I guess that's how he explained it to the A&E doctors.

Winnie Gilbert said...

I love my haunted vacuum cleaner, I had two abd gave the other to my daughter. Ive had many different kinds of vaccums, this by far has been the best.