Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beer taxi anger

Sheffield Star: Woman fumes to local newspaper after being refused taxi fare for carrying beer

...but had somehow forgotten to complain to the council.

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Britt said...

Why is it always a mum? I hope my mum one day complains to the paper and insists on such a headline. Sure, her kids are in their twenties, but she's STILL A MUM.

Alison, who has a nine-year-old son Lukas Dawson-Fell, said: “I was panicking, I had to get home because my son wasn’t feeling well.

The story implies there was another taxi directly behind the one she was refused. How much time did the discussion really waste?

I give up.

Pseudonymph said...

'Probe after mum claims taxi driver refused fare because she was carrying beer'
You lot take these things very seriously. Over here, it would have resulted in a fine.

TRT said...

You'd have to PAY me to take her home.


Boris said...

Pseudonymph - what would have resulted in a fine? Trying to carry unopened beer bottles in a taxi, or refusing to allow someone in your taxi who is carrying the beer?