Monday, December 13, 2010

Wildlife anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Wildlife twins - who [and this is important] suffer high blood pressure could be forced to close animal rescue centre

"I'd raise their blood pressure"

Spotter's Badge: Rob


Steve said...

No offence Scary, but I know the Twinnies, you wouldn't raise their blood pressures, neither would I. And I mean that in a nice, innocent way, they're lovely girls. Can't ever imagine them being angry either, unless you hurt one of their birds, in which case you'd be calling down the wrath of your favourite sky zombie.
The comments on that story are right, it would be great if Aussie zoo could help out in this situation. Sally, the owner of the property can't afford for them to stay there without some kind of help, or she'll end up bankrupt.
The girls and Pelican and Seabird Rescue work their arses off for wildlife in this area, with very little financial help.

Scaryduck said...

In which case: This is where the Twinnies work. If you can help out, please help out

Anonymous said...

They are weird, Steve. You have to admit that.

TRT said...

But I wouldn't say no.