Friday, July 23, 2010


Manchester Evening News: Mum who lets her kid run around naked in the front garden shocked - SHOCKED - to discover a picture of her offspring's arse on Google Street View, to whch all the PEDLOS in the world are using for their perverted gratification, or something

"Normal for Walkden"


TRT said...

VW: holec

It's Tommy Steele's 'Little White Bum' all over again!

Mind you, he could have wiped it first, even if it was on the doormat.

Arthur Two-Stroke said...

I'm not a paedophile but if I was I doubt I'd be knocking one out over pictures of that scowling urchin.

Britt said...

My mum used to get really cross with the neighbours across the street for letting their daughter run around on the front lawn in her bathing suit. 'Blah blah INAPPROPRIATE blah blah.' I had a spaghetti strap dress I couldn't wear out of the house. She'd love this article to pieces.

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