Saturday, January 02, 2010

Speeding anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Angry council to crack down on speeding drivers

This story has given me a spunker of an idea. Why not combat speeding on our roads by placing cardboard cut-outs of old people on the grass verge?

Not only will this scheme cut down on the grim death toll of traffic-related deaths, but it also gives my fellow maniacs something to aim for.


Anonymous said...

Top marks for a) bloke's appalling jumper and b) woman's appalling hexagonal-pattern quilty jacket. Perhaps this will help with their campaign? If they carry on standing there in that clobber, the passing motorists will indeed slow down a bit - thinking to themselves 'Jaysus, what *are* they wearing?'

MARK said...

If you gave that jumper to oxfam... I think they would give it back.