Friday, December 18, 2009

Survey anger

Keighley News: Member of the outragerati outraged at questions in survey

And yet, the question goes unanswered: Gay, straight, transexual or transvestite?

Spotter: Simon

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James said...

That article is awesome. I like the original headline in the URL, 'Sex Quiz Shock for Woman, 71'. "It was such bad luck - I was up to £64,000 but then Chris Tarrant asked me a question about the correct technique for administering a Hot Karl, and I got it confused with the Lucky Pierre. Still, I did well to take the 50/50 on that question about rimming"

Bit baffled by her claim that "“She said they had to know these things because homosexual people and people who are different genders need different facilities” though. I've been putting my gay recycling in the same bin as my straight recycling for years (although I'm always careful to separate my lesbian garden waste) - Is that wrong?